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Avoiding Road Rudeness

Road rage is by now a familiar term, but there are many "cranky people tricks" on the road that are simply rude, and don't qualify as rage. Road rudeness includes:

  • habitual speeding
  • tailgating
  • switching lanes incessantly, with or without signaling
  • deliberately slowing down or braking to punish an aggressive driver
  • racing up to a light that is obviously red
  • yelling, gesturing, or making faces at other drivers
  • accelerating through yellow lights, rolling through stop signs
  • making turns from the wrong lane
  • incessantly chattering on cell phones while driving (especially within city limits)
  • reading while driving

Do any of these driving habits make you cranky? On the other hand, do any of these driving habits describe you? Beware! These everyday acts of rudeness have the potential of escalating into episodes of road rage. People can die when minor annoyances turn into major incidents. The answer? Stay focused. Stay friendly. Stay fixed on safety.

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