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All Is Not Lost

Yes! Press, 2002

Price: $11.95


Book information:

Book Description

Are you or someone you care about needlessly burdened with the weight of unhealed hurts, disappointments, or losses? Is an old trauma still robbing you of happiness or peace of mind? Are you or still plagued by the hurt of a life changing event such as a loved one’s death or betrayal, the painful end of a relationship, career disaster, or the loss of long held dream? At some point in life, each of us must face the unwanted, unexpected, or ultimately, the inevitable. While these times are difficult and painful, we can heal our hurt and move on.

This book was written for those who are looking for comfort and solace when it feels as if there is none; for anyone struggling with the aftermath of death, divorce, disappointment, aging, illness, or other everyday losses. This gentle, comforting book guides readers through the unfamiliar terrain of hurting, healing, and moving on. Described by some as a "Bible" for Boomers, All Is Not Lost chronicles the losses, changes, and challenges facing this aging generation.

Appropriate audiences for All Is Not Lost
If you have a friend who is going through a crisis or emerging from a trauma, this book makes an excellent gift of support. Because of its scope, All Is Not Lost is ideal for Employee Assistance Programs, or for organizations
that have no internal programs but want to help workers in crisis or during times of intense change. It is also a good fit for hospice and bereavement support groups, funeral home aftercare programs, and hospital gift shops.

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A Personal Note From Leslie About All Is Not Lost

Writing about the healing journey was quite a journey in itself. This was a book and a topic I had never planned to cover. All Is Not Lost began working its way out of me as the result of three unrelated events in 2001, occurring within a a few months of each other, the last of which was 9/11. I think I began writing as a means of regaining my perspective following the trauma of 9/11 but the more I wrote, the more I wanted to continue. As I told others about my writing project, they began telling me their stories. In a way, this book took me by the scruff of the neck and said, “Write me!” It seems I had no choice but to obey, and I'm glad I did.

My goal was to briefly blend compassion and realism, comfort and direction, encouragement and hope for the many forms of loss and letdown we experience. Most grief books cover only one specific area, and many of them are huge tomes; simply too much for an aching heart. It was my intent to create an easy to read volume offering constructive ways to handle life’s hurts.

The success of this little book will come from grass roots marketing (word of mouth) because it is such an excellent gift for someone in need. When readers finish "All Is Not Lost" they not only find the comfort and hope they were seeking, they often order several copies for friends who are in similar predicaments. I hope that will be your experience.

Of the seven books I have written, this one is having the most impact, on my readers as well as myself. Already, I have received more feedback on this book than all of my previous ones combined. When people purchase All Is Not Lost as gifts they usually explain the situation they or their friend are facing and I am touched, both by how much sadness there is in the world, and equally, by how many of us want to help heal those we care about, and ourselves.

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Author Endorsements for All Is Not Lost

“If you’re hurting from a loss, or know someone who is, this little gem of a book can help. Leslie intimately knows the territory of loss and grief. Her advice is respectful, practical, and empowering. After reading this book, you’ll find the seeds of hope within yourself.”
Barbara Braham, author of Finding Your Purpose

“Having lost my father, my son, and my husband, I know about loss and grief. In this beautiful book, Leslie deals with the journey to inner healing in a compassionate, pragmatic, and rational way, helping us to find acceptance, healing, and peace as we travel our individual paths.”
Barbara Glanz, author of Care Packages for the Home

“Having lost my wife when she was 34, I know what loss is. I also know, as this inspiring book suggests, that all is not lost after a loss. Read it and you will understand that loss may mean the end of a life but not the end of
Allen Klein, author of The Courage to Laugh

“You will be comforted and transformed by All is Not Lost. Leslie has written a powerful, direct, compassionate guidebook to hold you in the midst of your greatest losses. Her stories, insights, and healing steps will help you discover new ways to move through the grieving process and embrace the gifts it can offer.”
Mary Marcdante, author of My Mother, My Friend

“This is a book filled with gentle guidance on a difficult subject. All Is Not Lost helps us understand that our emotions are similar, regardless of our specific loss. The healing steps offered at the close of each chapter bring hope and support to each of us.”
Karen L. Twichell, author of A Caregivers Journey


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Table of Contents

  • My Journey
  • Living With Loss
  • The Dividing Line
  • Why Me?
  • You Just Never Know
  • Getting Through the "Firsts"
  • Setbacks and Ironies
  • Grieving 101
  • Healing Rituals
  • Getting It
  • The Stockpile of Sorrow
  • Goodbye Can Mean Goodbye
  • Healing Mind, Healing Body
  • Letting Go
  • Other Losses
  • Life and Death in Happy Land
  • Early Losses, Later Learning
  • Anticipatory Grief
  • Anger and Acceptance
  • Aging and Illness
  • Disappointment and Letdown
  • Give and Take
  • Hope and Progress
  • Your own Ground Zero
  • Afterword


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