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The Instant Trainer: Quick Tips On How To Teach Others What You Know

McGraw Hill. 1997

Price: $17.95


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Book Description

Maybe you know the drill: you’ve never spoken before a group in your life but you happen to be the only person in the office who knows the ins and outs of a complicated software package and someone “up there” has decided you should share your knowledge with the rest of the company. Maybe you’ve been singled out because you are a “natural” at customer service and your boss wants you to teach your secrets to everyone else in your department. Or maybe you were delegated an assignment to research and report on the latest findings on performance appraisals and part of your mission will be to conduct a training on this delicate topic. In all of these examples, voila, you’re an instant trainer!

As training budgets are slashed and organizational change becomes commonplace, more and more public sector agencies and businesses are turning inward for training, education, and skill building. Employees who have never spoken to more than three people at a time are now being expected to conduct extensive training sessions, educational programs, and speeches efficiently and effectively, despite their inexperience. Thank goodness for the Instant Trainer!

Have any questions about that unexpected training session you’re supposed to conduct next week? Just look it up in the Instant Trainer. Written with warmth and enthusiasm, the Instant Trainer is a “Dear Abby” of the adult classroom and workplace learning. If you have a question, we just might have the answer. Not only will you find what you need in this book,you’ll enjoy the process.

Appropriate audiences for The Instant Trainer include employees who are asked to teach, train, or inform their peers, clients, or prospects, while lacking extensive presentation skills, public speaking, or training experience. This book is appropriate for new internal trainers or consultants, as well as experienced trainers who are always looking for new ideas on how to educate, stimulate, and motivate their learners.

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A Personal Note From Leslie About The Instant Trainer

Once upon a time, I wanted to write a book about training. I found a title (The Trainer’s Encyclopedia), a format (A through Z situations on classroom training and teaching adult learners), and I wrote my first chapter, but then I stopped. Who was I to think I could write a book? The file sat on my computer, untouched for years. I diligently transferred the file from one computer to another as I upgraded, and one day I promised myself that this book would either get written, or I’d throw away the file and be done with it.

The prospect of writing a proposal, finding an agent, and selling the idea to a publisher seemed overwhelming so I asked a friend and colleague if she had any interest in working on this project with me. To my good fortune, she said yes. Together we decided on a title, brainstormed the format, outlined the topics, and wrote the proposal. Within eighteen months, The Instant Trainer was a book. The moral of the story? If you lack the confidence to go it alone on a big project, find someone to accompany you.

Chris Clarke-Epstein did that for me with this book, and this book will do exactly that for you. Thanks to the wisdom and wit of the Instant Trainers, you, too, can have a kindred spirit to be there with you, in all of your
classroom journeys.

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Foreword from The Instant Trainer

Question: What do you get when you take two well-respected trainers, authors and speakers, and have them create a collection of sage advice especially designed for new or first-time trainers?

Answer: The book you’re holding in your hands.

Question: What do you get when these same two trainers and speakers, both members of the American Society for Training and Development, both of whom serve on the national board of directors for the National Speakers Association, combine their training expertise, inimitable personalities, professional experience, sense of humor, and practical Midwestern advice?

Answer: The book you’re holding in your hands.

If you’re not yet completely intrigued, please read on! Chris Clarke-Epstein and C. Leslie Charles have created a wonderful book for every new or “first-time” trainer or facilitator. In this special “one-stop shopping” resource you will find the equivalent of a seasoned trainer’s lifetime of lessons learned. Easy to read and full of personality, the book has the answers to the most often asked questions posed by new trainers and by those
who want to maintain their learning curve. And you’ll also find some items you haven’t even thought to ask.

What will this book do for you? It will help you prevent disasters and apply proven training techniques that will make you look and feel more experienced than you are. Special behind-the-scenes advice will build your confidence and help you avoid the common pitfalls that contribute to poor training. What more could you ask for?

Written with the perfect blend of professionalism and personality by two consummate trainers who earnestly care about your success and that of your learners, the Instant Trainer will not only find its place on your trainer’s bookshelf, it will find itself in your hands — often! Enjoy!

Edward C. Scannell, CSP
Coauthor of the Games Trainers Play series

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Overview
  • Help, I Don’t Know How To Teach!
  • Five Factors Affecting the Success of Every Training Session
  • What’s in a Training Session
  • Understanding The People You’re Training
  • A Quick Look at Adult Learning Theory
  • Group Dynamics
  • Trainers Who Pay Attention
  • Red Lights, Green Lights: Early Warning Signs of Disaster or Success
  • How To Read The Rest Of This Book
  • Preparing Yourself
  • Dealing With The Logistics
  • Identifying And Organizing Material
  • Facilitating The Learning Process
  • Delivering Your Content
  • Getting People To Participate
  • Polishing Your Delivery Skills
  • Knowing That Learning Happened
  • Developing Support Materials
  • Using Audiovisuals to Improve Your Presentation
  • Putting Fun In Your Training
  • Dealing With Difficult Trainees
  • Capitalizing On Diversity
  • Discovering The Next Steps
  • Eight Instant Checklists
  • Ten Sure-fire Ways To Get Audience Participation
  • The best Eleven Resources for Trainers
  • Enough Titles To Make A Bookaholic Trainer Happy For A Very Long Time
  • Two Sample Training Evaluation Forms


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