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Leslie's First Store

Leslie's first storeOnce upon a time, when the world seemed far safer and not quite so cranky, my maternal grandmother lived next to a city dump. It wasn’t a land fill or a transfer station; it was a municipal dump site. For a curious three-year old girl with an active imagination, this was a most marvelous place! I loved wandering around its edges, finding and carrying treasures back to Grandma’s house, where I carefully placed them on the shelves of my little “store” in her back yard.

I rediscovered this photograph recently and it never ceases to make me smile. I look for myself in that little girl, and in browsing the carefully selected items organized along the shelves, I get a slight sense of how, even as a child, I possessed the same persistence and resourcefulness that has gotten me where I am today.

My first store was a pretend one, but now I have a “real” one. For years, after hearing me speak, people would come up and ask, “Do you have any books? Do you have any tapes?” For years, I had to say no. Once I had some books to sell, people wanted me to take credit cards. Well, my store now offers books, T-shirts, and other self-improvement items, and now I take credit cards on my secure web sites. In time, my product line will expand, because unlike some physical belongings, good ideas never outlive their usefulness. You could read the same self-help book several times over the years and it would always be different, because you are.

It is my pleasure that, as I welcome you to my online store of today, I’m able to give you a sweet glimpse of my past and my very first store.

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