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The Customer Service Companion Study Guide

Yes! Press, 1996

Price: $10.95


Book Description

The exclusive Customer Service Companion Study Guide transforms The Customer Service Companion into an ongoing self-directed seminar which can be pursued individually or, better yet, in small teams as an ongoing work site Study Group project.

The Study Guide, used in conjunction with The Customer Service Companion, creates an internal Service Improvement System, offering 75 lessons on service delivery, self-development, and team building. Each lesson in the Study Guide connects with a page in the Companion, creating 75 separate lessons / discussion items to be covered in weekly Lunch & Learn or service team meetings.

Each lesson in the Study Guide features three central questions to be discussed in depth, plus a weekly Action Step that everyone is accountable for putting into practice. This system ensures that each employees is
actively involved in the process of creating, shaping, and sustaining excellence in service.

There’s more: we all know that people have a natural resistance to change and self-improvement. There must be an emotional “buy in” on their part before any change takes place, and that is the strength of this system. The lessons in the Study Guide draw out not just employees’ service know-how based their jobs, but the lessons also play off their specific experiences as customers (both good and bad examples). In other words, this simple but powerful reality-based learning system lets your employees become the service experts.

With the help of the Companion and Study Guide, all of your employees bring their own ideas to the table, and what a difference that makes. Another added benefit of this system is the teamwork that results. Let people meet weekly for 75 weeks to discuss service issues or work situations and inevitably, there emerges a sense of camaraderie and connection. You not only end up with improved service, but a stronger work team as well!

NOTE: While The Customer Service Companion is a terrific resource on its own, the Study Guide only works as a “companion” to the Companion.

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