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The Customer Service Companion

Yes! Press, 1996

Price: $10.95


Book information:

Book Description: The Customer Service Companion

Section One, The Essentials of Service, features 50 brief essays which combine quick inspiration and practical “how to” tips. Each short article is accompanied by an original quotation which reinforces the major idea. The
essays, written in a fresh, approachable, easy to read style, emphasize the skills, qualities, and behaviors necessary for excellent service and sales. Topics include attitude, teamwork, conflict resolution, cooperation,
relationship building, communication, body language, first impressions, and personal energy management, plus tips for conveying consistent friendliness and helpfulness.

Section Two, titled 101 Quick Reminders on Customer Service, features memorable ideas, one-liners, quick thoughts, practical tips, and positive reminders on how to maintain a professional attitude and customer focus. A quick review of this section can serve as an instant cue to relax, refresh, and renew.

Section Three, Service Skills in Action, offers a meaty composite of stress management and communication strategies, service practices, doable tips, and effective techniques for defusing volatile situations, plus several
practical “service assignments” so work teams can assess and improve their service delivery systems.

And that’s not all. If you like The Customer Service Companion, you’ll love the Study Guide!

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A Personal Note From Leslie About The Customer Service Companion

The Customer Service Companion, subtitled “The essential handbook for those who serve others” was my second book and most of the stories and concepts in the Companion originated in my customer service seminars. I wrote this book for those special people who work closely with the public in a service or sales capacity day after day. The content emphasizes both external service (working with customers) and internal service (attitude, teamwork, and cooperation with one’s coworkers and supervisor).

I think of The Customer Service Companion as a personal “field guide to service,” though it offers many tips for the sales function too. Its small size, design , and brevity make it the kind of personal possession employees
will keep on their desk as a handy resource for ongoing support, information, encouragement, and inspiration. It’s a welcome refresher in the midst of a stressful day.

Appropriate audiences for The Customer Service Companion include service personnel and service managers in private and public sector, small business owners, and clients of placement agencies. This book is ideal for anyone who works with customers fact to face or on the phone. It’s a great addition to the break room: why have employees idly thumbing through old magazines when they could engage in a quick service refresher while on break?

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Author Endorsements of The Customer Service Companion

“Finally! A customer service book especially for those who meet customers every day. C. Leslie Charles brings fun, honor and joy to serving others!”
—T. Scott Gross, author of Positively Outrageous Service

“Companion, guardian angel — help when you need it most — The Customer Service Companion is also a friend! Read it; use it every day. your spirits will be lifted by keeping it close by.”
—Holly Stiel, author of Thank You Very Much and Neon Signs of Service

“The Customer Service Companion is a handbook of beautifully written reminders that will help anyone in business stay focused on the most important asset of their business — the customer.”
—Michael LeBoeuf, Ph. D., author of How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life and The Millionaire in You

“Service is critical, whether on the phone or in person. The Customer Service Companion not only reminds us what to do, how to to it, and why — it also highlights the personal payoffs for doing so.”
—George Walther, author of Phone Power

Client Endorsement of The Customer Service Companion

“Dear Leslie: As I am preparing to lead the Customer Service module of our training program called Professional Development Program (PDP) my fingers leaf through the pages of your book...worn out pages I might add...I
discovered that the messages we have been sharing for about eight years are of even more concern today because of the economy and business climate. My thoughts and feelings have been stirred by simple lessons in your book! I will be sharing some of those today and next week and as long as I am able because your book makes so much sense.

Every newly hired person is presented with their own copy of both The Customer Service Companion and its Study Guide with the expectation that it will be used in the monthly department meetings. We also use the lessons in our weekly managers meeting on Tuesday in Clare and Wednesday in Gaylord and as mentioned in our Professional Development Program. We talk constantly about not just delivering good Customer Service but providing GREAT service! It is not always the easiest service to provide but your book and its lessons
have helped greatly.”
Yours in Service,
Tom Alpin, Human Resources Manager
Jays Sporting Goods

Other organizations that have purchased The Customer Service Companion in quantity include Princess Hotels, Pak Mail, Riviera Country Club, State Farm Insurance, Ameritech, Lansing Board of Water & Light, Jackson National Life Insurance, Roundtable Pizza, Old Ranch Country Club, and Accident Fund Company.


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Table of Contents

  • Section One: the Essentials of Service
    • Customer Service: You Know “The Secret”
    • The “I’s” Have It
    • Attitude Equals Service
    • Service: What’s in It for You
    • People First, Paper Second
    • Who Cares?
    • Fake It Till You Make It
    • An Ounce of Prevention
    • Special Delivery
    • Service Works — Inside and Out
    • A Matter of Time
    • Forcing a Smile
    • Taking Your Work Home
    • No Problem
    • The Tip of the Iceberg
    • Declaration of Independence
    • Full Service
    • When Being Right is the Wrong Move
    • Counting What Really Counts
    • A Matter of Choice
    • Acceptance or Approval?
    • What’s in a Name?
    • About Face
    • Making Sense of Humor
    • What Did You Expect?
    • A Telling Subject
    • For Rent
    • A Place for Everything
    • Sales is Service, Service is Sales
    • All Clear
    • First Impressions Last
    • The Hidden Me
    • Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
    • Letting Go of “No”
    • Staying in Touch
    • Hold That Line
    • Taking Things into Account
    • No Bad News
    • A Matter of Style
    • An Inside Job
    • You Serve When You Sell
    • The Power of Choice
    • Minimum Wage
    • Send Me the Tough Ones
    • Spreading the Word
    • Quick Fix
    • All’s Well That Ends Well
    • Can You Spare Some Change?
    • Turnabout is Fair Play
    • A Lasting Thought
  • Section Two: Quick Reminders on Customer Service
    • 101 quotations on service, attitude, and people skills
  • Section Three: Service Skills in Action
    • The Charles Law of Opposites
    • Self-Talk: Handling the Stress of Service
    • Seven Benefits of a Smile
    • Physical Energizers: Reducing Your Work Stress
    • Mental Energizers: Enhancing Your Attitude
    • Understanding the Nature of Human Nature
    • Beware: “No Zone” Alert
    • When You Must Say No
    • When the Customer is Wrong
    • Dealing With Feelings
    • Words That Reflect a Service Attitude
    • These Are Not Questions
    • Dealing With Upset People Without Getting Upset
    • One Dozen Ways to Communicate Quality Service
    • When You’re on the Phone, You’re on the Line
    • More Telephone Tips
    • How to L.I.S.T.E.N. to Upset Customers
    • Good P.R. Means Personal Responsibility
    • A Quick Service Assessment
    • Service Assignments
    • Have You H.U.G.G.E.D. a Customer Today?
    • The 4R Method for Fast Recovery
    • The Customer Service Alphabet: as Simple as A-B-C


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