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2012: Try the 365 Day Personal Project

The following (like the practice of an Annual Theme) is a permanent fixture on this site. It's the other yearly exercise that has changed my life.

Over a decade ago I gave up making New Years Resolutions. Instead, I decided to focus on one single behavior that I would work on for the entire year.

Most of us give up too soon when trying to change a behavior. You've been there, done that. Given several failures, most of us simply give up.

But persistence pays off. Take a whole year to focus on one personal change and for once, time is on your side.

Of course, it will be challenging in the beginning. But if you spend 365 days practicing ONE self-improvement behavior, before the year is over you will have unlearned and relearned a new habit.

And guess what, the changes are cumulative. Patience was one of my annual projects and I'm more patient today than I ever was. One year I focused on getting amused rather than annoyed when things go wrong and now I laugh or smile and let it go when I screw up.

One year I focused gratitude. I created a Gratitude List Card and carried it in my wallet. When I started getting cranky or stressed, I would pull out my card and read my list of the five things in life I most value. The result: instant perspective! I still carry my Gratitude Card to this day.

My 365 day Personal Project for 2012 is to radiate the peace and acceptance (patience and tolerance) that helped heal my broken heart. This worked so well that I will carry on this healing practice for 2012.

What one thing could you focus on this year to enhance your life?

In addition to the 365 Day Personal Project I encourage you to create an annual theme.

We each have incredible potential to create the life we want, and these two practices guarantee results if you fully embrace them. They work for me each year and they'll work for you, too.

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