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What's Your Cranky Quotient?

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Many readers consider the ten quizzes found in "Why Is Everyone So Cranky?" as an excellent way to measure their stress. Sometimes we don't know how much tension we're living with, or even where our stress originates, and that's where the cranky quizzes come in. Letting daily frustrations pile up without any relief can slowly unravel the fabric of your existence.

For individuals who allow unresolved issues to stockpile, minor irritations can turn into major episodes. Even in our post 9/11 world, where we supposedly got perspective, people are still killing each other over trivial matters such as barking dogs, shoving in lines, sloppy snow removal on sidewalks, parking lot disputes, and more. Others keep slugging along while joy slowly seeps out of their lives, being replaced with resentment, anger, or aggressiveness. This is no way to live.

There are no trick questions in the cranky quizzes, nor is there any intent on my part to entrap you. As I say in the book,the quizzes will help isolate what ails you, but if you rationalize or justify any question too much you'll end up defeating the purpose. Just as the Physician's Desk Reference or PDR is a handy tool, think of this book as an interpersonal PDR, a convenient Personal Development Resource you'll consult, again and again.

And last, not all of the cranky quiz items represent an area of cranky dysfunction. A few of them reflect the concern and disquiet anyone with a semblance of self-awareness would feel about some of the things we see happening in our world. Just think of the quizzes as a first step in your personal Crankiness Prevention Program.



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