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Cranky Quiz # 6: Customer Contact (chapter 7) 

Scoring the Cranky Quiz 

Score 1 point for every yes and 0 for every no. Count a sometimes as a yes. Add your total: 3 points or less (Cool) means you're in good shape, 4 to 7 (Warm) indicates a need to slow down, and 8 to 10 (Hot!) indicates a raging cranky infection. You'll find anti-cranky solutions for each Quiz item in this chapter. 

  1. ____ Do you think that people are more rude and discourteous than they used to be? 

  2. ____ Are you irked by the increasing number of self-serve, automated systems and fewer face-to-face transactions than in the past? 

  3. ____ Do you get riled having to wait in slow lines, fill out time-consuming forms, or endure inconvenient service systems? 

  4. ____ Do you realize that service personnel with the heaviest public contact (receptionists, secretaries, clerks, servers, etc.) are the lowest paid and least respected?

  5. ____ Do you complain when service is bad but say nothing when it's good? 

  6. ___ Are you expected to always satisfy your customers even though management doesn't necessarily support your efforts? 

  7. ____ Are you seeing an increase of unhappy, complaining, or rude customers? 

  8. ____ Is it almost as difficult to deal with your manager or work colleagues as it is cranky customers? 

  9. ____ Do you find it hard being nice to your family after a long, hard day at work?

  10. ____ Are you so tired and overloaded it's impossible to think about getting involved in any kind of volunteer work or community service?

Cranky Quotient
__________ My Customer Contact condition is:
Cool (0-3) Warm (4-7) Hot! (8-10)

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