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Cranky Quiz # 2: Communication Overload (chapter 3)

Scoring the Cranky Quiz

Score 1 point for every yes and 0 for every no. Count a sometimes as a yes. Add your total: 3 points or less (Cool) means you're in good shape, 4 to 7 (Warm) indicates a need to slow down, and 8 to 10 (Hot!) indicates a raging cranky infection. You'll find anti-cranky solutions for each Quiz item in this chapter.

  1. ____ Do you watch more than two hours of TV per day, including reruns?

  2. ____ Do you begin and/or end your day with TV, radio, or a newspaper?

  3. ____ Do you leave the TV or radio on for the purpose of background noise?

  4. ____ Do you tune into talk shows and celebrity specials, or buy tabloids?

  5. ____ Do you discuss movies, events, TV programs, or commercials with friends, family, and colleagues?

  6. ____ Do you consider yourself "immune" to commercials and ads?

  7. ____ Do you listen to politically oriented talk shows?

  8. ____ Are you drawn to mysteries or suspense novels, real-life crime, or violent movies and TV thrillers?

  9. ____ Are you surrounded with piles of paper (memos, magazines, articles) that you somehow never get to?

  10. ____ Are you so information soaked that you can't assimilate the old data, let alone the new?
Cranky Quotient
__________ My Communication Overload condition is:
Cool (0-3) Warm (4-7) Hot! (8-10)

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