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Cranky Quiz # 9: Coming of Age (chapter 10) 

Scoring the Cranky Quiz 

Score 1 point for every yes and 0 for every no. Count a sometimes as a yes. Add your total: 3 points or less (Cool) means you're in good shape, 4 to 7 (Warm) indicates a need to slow down, and 8 to 10 (Hot!) indicates a raging cranky infection. You'll find anti-cranky solutions for each Quiz item in this chapter. 

  1. ___ Are you put off by the attitudes of today's youth, yet empathetic about the complicated world they're inheriting? 

  2. ___ Do you feel pressured or conflicted about your age or stage of life, feeling both young and old at the same time? 

  3. ___ Are you at all fixated on weight, wrinkles, sags, signs of aging, and other physical imperfections? 

  4. ___ Do you put off your physical annual exams because you're nervous about what the doctor may find? 

  5. ___ Do you ever tell yourself you're too old to try something new, or if you haven't done it by now it's probably too late? 

  6. ___ Are you now (or soon to be) care taking in two directions: parents and kids? 

  7. ___ Do you ever get cranky or confused by all of the conflicting information about diet, health, and exercise? 

  8. ___ Does it seem that your attention span is narrower and your ability to concentrate weaker than it used to be?

  9. ___ Do you regularly take over-the-counter medications or try new supplements and cure-alls when they hit the shelves?

  10. ___ Are you determined to grow old gracefully and with more finesse than many of the older people you come in contact with?

Cranky Quotient
__________ My Coming of Age condition is:
Cool (0-3) Warm (4-7) Hot! (8-10)

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