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"Cranky" isn't Only a Book: It's Leslie's Most Requested Speech

Whether the venue is keynotes or workshops, Leslie's presentations on crankiness has intrigued audiences across North America. Thanks to her prescience (or blind luck), the ten social trends outlined in "Why Is Everyone So Cranky?" are as relevant today, perhaps even more so, than when the book was written.

Time compression and overload have intensified, families still struggle with their relationships, workplaces are still downsizing and besieged with issues of diversity, loyalty, and ethics. Money (or the need for it) and debt dominate our consciousness. Technology continues to both simplify and complicate our lives. The Boomers have come of age, and with this transition, they feel the squeeze of the Sandwich Generation. Combined with all of the above is the ever-increasing complexity of our global world and our futile search for substance in a sound bite world.

About Leslie and Her Programs

Leslie Charles could be described as a "work in progress," a lifelong learner who not only seeks out new information and experiences, but synthesizes what she learns. In both her speaking and writing, Leslie has a knack for putting an original and understandable spin on ideas that might otherwise elude us. With eight books to her credit, Leslie specializes in presentations based what she's written. Leslie doesn't have just one "canned" speech: she only speaks on what she knows and practices. Leslie works closely with her clients to deliver a constantly evolving, meaningful, fresh, and real-time message for her audiences.

If you are looking for an enlightening, amusing, humorous, and thought provoking presentation by a speaker who will leave audience members thinking and talking about the subject long after your event, call Leslie Charles.

Her current offerings, creatively designed for general and business audiences, all connected to the books she's written, include:

  • Why Is Everyone So Cranky? (the number one request!)

  • Life is Not a Duress Rehearsal (an amusing and informative e combination of "Why Is Everyone So Cranky?" and "Bless Your Stress: It Means You're Still Alive!")

  • Bless Your Stress (a fresh, funny, original approach to stress management)

  • Crisis or Challenge? Turmoil or Triumph? How to stay upright and upbeat in a world turned on its side.

  • The New Service: Extreme Measures for Extreme Times (customer service)

  • Train the Trainer (a practical presentation on teaching and public speaking skills based on Leslie's book "The Instant Trainer")


Motivational / Inspirational Edu-tainment for Women

From a bootstraps background of hardship and poverty to a life rich with resourcefulness and resilience, Leslie is a wonderful role model for women. From Women's Festivals to national conferences, her presentations are not just warmly received, but celebrated with an undeniable eagerness and enthusiasm.

  • Why Is Everyone So Cranky?
  • Life is Not a Duress Rehearsal
  • Life's Amazing, Amusing ABCs (attitude, balance, confidence: all the way to Z)
  • Slightly Irregular (facing failure, frustrations, and life's imperfections with flair)
  • Creating Your Future (five steps for making every day count)

For Bereavement Groups

When it comes to grief and loss, Leslie has faced the worst: the accidental work death of her 21 year old son, Robbie, who was killed in 1984. Her grief book, "All Is Not Lost," written with a quiet but authoritative grace, has brought comfort to many. Since 2001 Leslie has been a speaker at the Melanie Ilene Rieger Conference Against Violence in Waterbury Connecticut, co-sponsored by Survivors of Homicide.

  • The Healing Journey (presentations on loss and grief based on Leslie's book "All Is Not Lost")  

Call Leslie Charles at 517.253.8918 for more information, email her at nocranky@aol.com or contact her through: TRAININGWORKS PO Box 956 East Lansing MI 48826

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