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About the Cranky Certificate

The official Cranky Certificate

This is an open Adobe Acrobat file. Just open it, fill in the recipient's name and print, send, or save it.

For years now, I have thought about how much easier life would be if the cranky people in the world could be easily spotted from a safe distance so we could avoid them. Consider the "medical alert" identifier tags and how convenient it would be if pugnacious personalities were forced to wear an easy-to-spot "cranky alert" or "jerk alert" tag. Wouldn't you love it? But we're both smart enough to know that's not gonna happen, so here's another option: the "cranky certificate," available right here, right now, on the official cranky buster web site.

I hope the cranky certificate will make you smile and that you'll have fun with it and not use it (too much anyway) as your personal cranky vendetta. Goodness knows, we have enough cranky people already and it is not my intent to create more of them! My intent, pure and simple, is to be an effective "cranky buster" by letting a few chronically moody individuals know that we are onto them.

But it isn't just cranky people: there are a few cranky organizations and offices out there, too. I've already put a few on my list of potential candidates for the certificate, thanks to their shoddy service, corporate arrogance, greediness, cheesy treatment of employees, or culture of entitlement. If we all were to participate in cranky busting, maybe we could help our society be less hostile, our workplaces more humane, our families more connected, our communities more closely knit, and our world less volatile. Life is precious, short lived, and unpredictable. It is filled with uncontrollables. But regardless of what happens to us, the one thing we can always control is what goes on in our heads and hearts. When we consistently do that, crankiness is no longer an issue. In the meantime, those of us who are not cranky have our work cut out for us!

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