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About "Why Is Everyone So Cranky"

A personal note from Leslie Charles:

Hyperion loved my book proposal, calling it "original" and "masterful." They called me a genius because no one else had identified, let alone packaged the cranky trends in such a compelling manner.

What you might want to know about this book (and crankiness in general):

  1. The cranky trends are alive and well, and they have multiplied. The content is still relevant. Many of the predictions I made in the original version have come to fruition. And more trends have sprung up since the book was first written.
  2. One journalist, after reviewing the “cranky” book, stated that I "had my finger on the pulse of our culture." I still do (that's my job).
  3. The word "cranky" still resonates with people today as much as when the original editions were released in 1999 and 2001.

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