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Award-winning Certified Speaking Professional C. Leslie Charles has pleased audiences with her wit and wisdom for over two decades. Her customized keynotes and workshops educate, entertain, and invigorate her learners to take action on practical, doable strategies. As the author of eight books including the critically acclaimed Why Is Everyone So Cranky?, Leslie has enjoyed extensive media exposure. Her newest book, coauthored with Mimi Donaldson, is titled "Bless Your Stress: It Means You're Still Alive!"

Perhaps you've wondered what Leslie Charles knows about crankiness? Plenty! Leslie will be the first to admit that she was a cranky trail blazer, and so will her mother! With a background that includes failure, poverty, and loss, Leslie blends her personal history with professional accomplishment, bringing over two decades of business know-how, research, and experience to those who hire her. Audience members and applaud Leslie's practical approaches to everyday problems and her witty yet down-to-earth, delivery.

Leslie speaks and writes with authority on what it takes to live and work with enthusiasm, integrity, and a resilient spirit in spite of all. Her books and speeches are filled with common sense suggestions and original ideas. Her latest book, "Bless Your Stress" is a fresh and downight hilarious look at an often daunting, overworked subject.

Here are some highlights from this resourceful woman's history:

  • married at 16, MOTHER of 3 by age 20, had completed the 10th grade

  • reentered high school at age 23, DROPPED OUT a second time

  • completed her GED (high school equivalency) at age 29

  • attended Lansing Community College on a WELFARE grant

  • received Associate Degree (with honors) at 31

  • completed BA (Michigan State University) at age 40

  • 25+ years of experience as a human resource trainer, facilitator, and keynote speaker

  • active member of the National Speakers Association since 1982

  • earned the Certified Speaking Professional designation from NSA in 1991

  • served on the NSA Board of Directors for six years (two terms)

  • released her first book in 1993, two more in 1996

  • wrote and released another book in 1997

  • released book number six in 1998

  • received the Charles Leadership Award from NSA Michigan in 1996

  • named the Lansing Community College Most Distinguished Alumni in 1996

  • named the MSU Communication Department Outstanding Alumni in 1998

  • released her seventh book in 2002

  • in September 2005, Leslie was given the prestigious Diamond Award from the Michigan Society of Association Executives, being named Supplier Partner of the Year (one award is bestowed per year to speaker or vendor members of MSAE)

  • book number eight, Bless Your Stress, was released in 2006

Clients who hire Leslie for her speaking services include private and public sector, health care, associations, and educational institutions, including NASA, Prudential Real Estate, National Association of Insurance Women, America First Credit Union, National Centrex users Group, AgStar Financial Services, Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan, Michigan Association of Credit Unions, American Farm Bureau Federation, Allstate Insurance, and over twenty school districts in Michigan and beyond.

Organizations that have purchased large quantities of Leslie's books include Princess Hotels, Jay's Sporting Goods, Riviera Country Club, Ameritech, Jackson National Life Insurance Company, State Farm Insurance, Lansing Board of Water & Light, Accident Fund Company, Pak Mail, and more.

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