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Welcome to
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in operation since 1998.

This site, devoted to the art of self- and stress management, celebrates a book I wrote about the cranky trends in our culture and how these trends affect how we live, love, purse our livelihoods, and look at the world. But the site (and the book, if I ever finish the update!) also offer strategies for keeping these trends from complicating your life and making you a cranky pants.

Here's an update on the critically acclaimed WHY IS EVERYONE SO CRANKY?

  • The book is sold out.
  • An updated, revised edition is slowly on its way.
  • It's taking longer than I hoped, thought, or expected.
  • I'm shooting for the end of 2012.

But don't go away empty handed! Do you want to make 2012 a watershed year? I suggest you choose a theme for your year. Curious? Check out this life-transforming idea and the good news is that it's never too late to begin!

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NOTE: If your stress level outflanks the national debt, don't mess with it, bless it! Go to BlessYourStress.com and order an autographed copy. It's informative and enjoyable, an unusual and effective approach to handling life's stresses.

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